McNeill Wins Bicycle Blues and BBQ Mens 4 Criterium, Limpach 4th

Clear Lake, IA

Dillon McNeill sprinting to the line at Clear Lake's Bicycle Blues and BBQ weekend. Dillon McNeill sprinting to the line at Clear Lake’s Bicycle Blues and BBQ weekend.

Harvest Racing’s Dillon McNeill and Cole Limpach had successful campaigns at Clear Lake’s Bicycle, Blues and BBQ weekend, with McNeill winning the Men’s Cat 4 criterium and Limpach taking 4th place.

With McNeill sitting in, Limpach practically controlled the pace after winning a prime on the second lap. From there, Limpach patrolled the front and launched several aggressive attacks of his own, two of which caused pivotal moments during the race: his breakaway with 10 to go split the field and created the winning selection, and his surge with three to go strung out the field, preventing a late breakaway from getting away.

McNeill benefitted from Limpach’s efforts up front. As is often the case in cat 4 races, the field chased down every break, and in the process, burned several matches to bring it back together.

At the beginning of the bell lap, a fresh McNeill took over and grabbed second wheel at corner #1. “I saw a rider from another team put in a big effort, and I just hoped that he would have enough power to get us around the course without being swarmed. It worked out perfectly, as he pulled us through the lap, and I was able to jump him on the last corner where I began my sprint.”

McNeill’s sprint was well-timed. Taking the inside line around the leader, McNeill jumped out of his saddle and spun up his cadence to out-sprint the field by a wheel. In all, it was a text book win. “I felt pretty good throughout the race. My plan was to just sit in and wait for the final lap, then try to take it from there.”

Congratulations Dillon, and kudos to Cole for his part in not only softening the field, but remaining with the pack to finish strong (4th) and also in the money.

On the weekend omnium, McNeill was 4th and Limpach 6th. Great racing guys!